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Thursday, January 20, 2011

2 interviews- 1 "close but no cigar"...

Bummer. I wrote that I had 2 job interviews scheduled for last Tuesday and so I did. Both of them seemed to go very well. At the first one I actually knew one of the interviewers and even though the job wouldn't have been perfect, it would have been very good and I think I'd have been plenty qualified and suited to the task. But that was the position that I was not selected for and received the email telling me so this morning.

I also had the 2nd interview later on Tuesday with the University of Utah and again it seemed that the interview went very well. This is also the position that I really hope I get called back for another interview as this one was just a preliminary one. I believe this position could really be a calling where I could be happy and productive and to do good for a lot of people- military veterans in this case.

So keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer to your favorite deity or capture a neighborhood raccoon and make an animal sacrifice if that's your method of beseeching your higher power for favors, that I might get a call for another interview very soon!

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